Future Internet

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Future Internet

The Research Cluster “Future Internet” is based on three thematic pillars: “Future Internet Security”, “Future Internet Documents” and “Future Internet Communications”. It is completed through “Future Internet Economy” in order to take the interaction between “Technology Push” and “Application Pull” into appropriate account.




26th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR 2015)

23. – 26. Juni 2015

26th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering

This event is the 26th annual event in the series of very successful Eurographics Symposia on Rendering and Eurographics Workshops on Rendering.The workshop will take place June 24-26, 2015 at the Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt, Germany.

For the third year, the Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling will take place before the start of EGSR.